Too Many Photos, Not Enough Space

I went on a trip to Leavenworth, WA with my family. It was my first time in that area and it was so much fun. It is a quaint, tiny town that is tucked into the mountains. There was still snow on the ground and the temperatures were in the 20's. I love a weekend in the mountains! I couldn't wait to document this family getaway.

One of the challenges I face with my Project Life albums is getting all the photos I want into my albums. Sometimes I add inserts, but it makes my albums so thick that I then end up struggling to fit the entire year into two albums. For trips like this one, I wanted to include a lot of photos. So I used the Paislee Press 4x6 Photo Templates Vol. 6. Using those templates allowed me to include all the photos I wanted and a little journaling about our trip. I decided not to add any embellishments to this layout and just let it be photo driven. A departure from my typical Project Life layouts. I love it because it captures the views of the mountains that we loved and tidbits from our favorite parts of our adventures. I'll definitely go back to this method of documenting our weekend trips when I don't want to do a mini-album. I like how it's tucked into my Project Life album with the rest of the week.